Julep announced on officehours.fm

Today was an exciting day for Julep.

I was a guest on Carrie Dils’ officehours.fm podcast to talk shop as an agency director and product business owner. I launched getjulep.com in roughly 30 minutes before the show using my theme Symphony Pro, which comes with Conductor and sync’d it up to a mailchimp list. (You can get a free version here.)

Officehours.fm Episode 66

I can’t thank Carrie enough for having me on the show and allowing me to share some of my insights. If you don’t have her in your feed, drop her a review and subscribe to officehours.fm.

Launching Julep

I’m excited to grow Julep and see how it evolves. It’s really a fun tool for me to use and to explore how it can be expanded upon.

Text on images. Sounds easy, but I think it’s going to be an interesting challenge. Right now, the plugin is in an alpha stage. We have the capability to add text anywhere on top of an image in your WordPress media library. Great for featured images and images in your content.

As we mature the plugin, we’ll add more font choices, colors, and other fun features that make your images a bit more engaging.

If you’re interested in following along or want to know when it launches into beta, I suggest signing up to my Julep newsletter.