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Why Julep?

1. I blog a lot and wanted a way to make featured images or images in my content a little more engaging.
2. I didn’t want to fumble around with multiple apps, creating my image and then having to import it into WordPress. Just give me one place do it.
3. I thought others might want the same thing as me.

Getting started

Once you’ve installed the Julep plugin (like any other plugin) go ahead and activate it. From there, you can browse to any image in your media gallery and click edit. Once you’re there you will see a little icon that says ‘Text’, click that and the Julep text editor will appear. You can add text, resize it, move it around, and choose different fonts and colors. Note: Julep saves on the same image. It does not create a new image. Make sure you have a backup of your image in the event you don’t like what you’ve created.

4-Step tutorial

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